Our Service

Our one-stop solar panel system installation and asset management is your ultimate solution. It consists of:

Solar energy solution
Solar installation and maintenance
Solar finance and asset management
Solar system monitoring


Our Promise

  • Demonstrate how solar energy can deliver benefit and advantage
  • One-stop operation from site-visit through application, construction to completion and after-market maintenance
  • Customise solar business case to suit your particular needs
  • Present financing options and analyse financial feasibility
  • Guarantee quality installation and project management
  • Continuous maintenance of energy output and efficiency


close up solar cell panel


Our Solar Panel

  • Manufactured by fully automated production line with world leading photovoltaic technology.
  • Superior 0.5% decaying rate compare to 0.7% industry standard.
  • Frameless design with zero PID and improved self-cleaning capability.
  • Zero water permeability particularly suitable for Hong Kong environment.
  • 30% more electric power output over its 30-year lifespan.
  • Class A fireproof safety performance.
  • Capable of withstanding wind load of 2400Pa.