$5 Case Study

Isolated Photovoltaic cells, children walking hand in hand

On April 17 2018, Hong Kong Government announced a Feed-in Tariff rates at $3, $4 and $5 per unit of electricity depending on the generation capacity of the renewable energy system concerned. The rate level will help drastically reduce the payback period of most renewable energy system and in turn motivate individuals and organisations to install the system.

Our first client, Mr. and Mrs. Fu, along with their daughter, son and adopted poodle, live in a village house in the New Territories. They contacted us a few months back wanting to install a solar panel system on their rooftop to take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff scheme while reducing heat transmitting to their 3rd floor unit. Once the Feed-in Tariff commences October 1 2018, they will be on their way to breakeven their investment in less than 4 years, reducing their bill on air-conditioning consumption and having a rooftop to entertain their families and friends.

Please kindly contact us and we shall assist you with your solar panel system every step of the way.