Welcome to Solar Energy Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, solar energy is widely considered to have much greater development potential than other forms of renewable energy, due to high solar radiation in the local context and its convenient application. That being the case, Solar Energy Hong Kong, company registered as Hills Koncept (Hills Energy) Limited, hereby proudly offers the ultimate solar panel system installation and asset management package for everyone to participate in this renewable energy movement.


Our Vision

According to Hong Kong installed power capacity (GW) and share by energy source in 2016, published by the Research Office Legislative Council Secretariat in 2017, the power generation distribution is as follow:

Fossil fuel (88.5%)
Nuclear (11.5%)
Renewables (<0.1%)

Our vision is to take this initiative with Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Energy Certificates to progressively increase the power generation source towards renewables, and to develop Hong Kong into a more sustainable city. This is a long term goal for our next generations and we need your participation along the way.


Our Commitment

  • To develop and support Hong Kong transitioning into a more sustainable city
  • To substitute traditional energy generation with renewable technology
  • To create jobs and opportunities for Hong Kong renewable energy industry
  • To aid individuals and organisations to enhance social responsibility and environmental conversation awareness
  • To reduce our carbon footprint in Hong Kong


City and Harbor at dawn

Thank you for choosing solar energy. Thank you for choosing Solar Energy Hong Kong.